The Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements on the Brain

Most people have heard something about the benefits of fish-oil and/or fish-oil supplements either from a friend, in the news or perhaps even a medical journal. But the question looms as to which benefits of fish-oil supplements actually have some basis in scientific research. In this article we will briefly cover the beneficial components of fish-oil and then move on to the benefits of fish-oil and fish-oil supplements that are actually supported by research.

The value of fish-oil and fish-oil supplements seems to be derived from the omega 3 essential fatty acids (ALA, EPA, and DHA) with the most value seemingly being derived from DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). The medical community has moved past the fact that omega 3 fatty acids produce health benefits and now seems to be trying to figure out why. The latest research in this area seems to point to the reduction of inflammation in the body. It is almost as when omega 3 oils will be the lubricant that allows the entire body to run with out producing inflammation causing friction.
And ultimately precisely what is good health? One definition could possibly be maintaining a system that runs with optimum efficiency hence reducing and/or eliminating illness, disease, and stalling aging.

Now lets proceed to some particular benefits.

*Cholesterol: In a lot of large clinical reports DHA and EPA were proven to reduce bad cholesterol degrees (LDL) and triglycerides. Good cholesterol degrees (HDL) were increased also.

*High Blood Pressure: Several clinical scientific tests support the predictions that food in addition to supplements full connected with omega 3 fatty acids lower our blood vessels pressure substantially inside personal with hypertension. The scientific tests only involved people who were without therapy previously.

*Diabetes: Individuals having diabetes will surely have large triglyceride certifications and lower great cholesterol degrees. Omega 3 in addition to specifically DHA assists correct this kind of imbalance.

*Arthritis: Most medical studies investigating the application of omega 3 crap acid supplements regarding inflammatory shared circumstances include placed the focus essentially solely on arthritis rheumatoid symptoms symptoms. Several medical studies figured omega 3 crap acid supplements lower pain in joint parts, decrease a. m. stiffness, and support a new decrease in the quality of medication needed.

*Heart sickness: Research indicates which fish-oil supplementation just might reverse existing cardiovascular disease by improving the health of a persons bloodstream and reducing arterial plaque debris.

In summary, research supports that the benefits of fish-oil and fish-oil supplements is wide ranging encompassing almost all of the major illness of our time. There are others including depression, ADHD, macular degeneration, menstrual pain, and chronic fatigue of not listed in the following paragraphs of which fish-oil supplements are beneficial. While there remains to be some debate as to why this natural supplement can be so helpful, there is no debate that two in the cornerstones of optimum health and improving overall health and fitness are fish-oil supplementation together with healthy lifestyle alternatives.

Fish based essential oil also helps in the development of brain tissues during the fetal stages. With this stage of growth, fish-oil can in addition contribute to the health of retina and in addition reduce muscular degeneration. Fish based essential oil also prevents severe pregnancy complications including premature labor in addition to low birth fat and regular daily allowance of fish-oil health supplements during pregnancy may help prevent port partum despression symptoms.

For adults, omega-3 boosts memory, focus in addition to reasoning. You could say that on the list of benefits of fish-oil supplements could it be helps keep your head young and healthy. A number of features about fish based oil supplements sometimes appears by studying Greenland Eskimos, a community known to experience a diet consisting mostly of fish. There have not been any major depression rates claimed from Greenland Eskimos. Japan are also fond of fish, and they enjoy a low depression fee, especially when in comparison with their Western counterparts.

Besides lowering danger of depression, fish-oil supplements also aid the prevention of other psychological conditions. According to College of Sheffield’s Psychiatry Division, omega-3 may help alleviate bipolar disorder and in many cases psychosis.

Perhaps the biggest reason fish-oil supplements are becoming popular under western culture is because looking at their home to reduce heart diseases and heart-related conditions. Studies have shown many Americans have heart illnesses. The biggest features about fish based essential oil supplements are its ability to reduce triglyceride levels in the body.

Triglyceride is a variety of fat commonly assigned to heart disease. Fish based essential oil reduces triglyceride that helps in preventing heart attacks, irregular pulse and stroke. Getting fish-oil supplements on a regular basis also lowers blood vessels pressure.

Aside from the omega-3 fatty p, there are two more forms of acid found inside fish based oil supplements to provide benefits to your body’s health. These acids are: eicosapentaenoic acid, in addition to docosahexaenoic acid.

EPA is thought to posses anti-inflammatory houses. The anti-inflammatory agents present in fish-oil supplements may perhaps reduce painful conditions including arthritis.

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Some studies also suggest that omega-3 can help in preventing cancer, particularly busts, colon and prostate melanoma. The omega-3 fatty acids stop healthy tissues from mutating straight into cancer cells whilst causing cancer tissues to die.

Of course a number of people remain skeptic of the benefits of fish-oil supplements in addition to chalk it up as yet another kind of alternative medicine. Even though studies are still being conducted to either prove or disprove some states of fish-oil’s health and fitness boosting properties, many scientific studies have already concluded that dieting rich in fish will work for the body.

The Best Oils For Skin Care

Aromatherapy oils are great skin care products and are supposed to be included in one’s skin care regime on a daily basis to help in fighting signs of aging and wrinkles. The following natural oil products are essential for removing wrinkles on the skin that is found around the eye. They all have anti-aging and skin regeneration properties to make the skin more beautiful. When using these anti-aging oils, you are supposed to apply them in carrier bases such as jojoba oil, lotion base or avocado base. Apply the oils under eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, or even on the stretchy skin of your hands and face. During the application process, you should gently but firmly massage the oil into the skin. Proper attention should be taken to be sure of the safety of these oils before using them.

Patchouli Oil

It is also called patchouli aromatherapy. Made from leaves of patchouli bush, this oil has anti aging properties that make it a good additive for all types of skin. Most wrinkle creams and body lotions include this essential oil ingredient in their formulas. The oil is a great ingredient for mature skin areas with acne because of its anti-inflammatory nature. It also removes wrinkles, tightens sagging loose skin and reduces acne and pores found on the skin around the eye.

Myrrh Oil

This skin protection oil has an amazing reputation among users in all parts of the world. It has essential elements that are used to treat bacteria in the skin, sun damage, eczema, pigmentation, chapped skin and rashes. As a result, the oil improves dry skin on the face and eyes. The product also contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that improve skin firmness, tone, elasticity and heal skin diseases. Myrrh Oil has useful elements that prevent skin aging. This gives the skin a completely new glow that removes deep skin wrinkles and many other skin problems.

Rosewood Oil

This is a natural kin care ingredient that aids in improving firmness and elasticity. The product reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles, brown age spots and fine line on the skin around the eyes. It encourages regeneration and growth of new skin. This makes the product helpful for protecting the skin from aging. Rosewood can also be used as a tissue regenerator and in such a case it diminishes wrinkle, stretch marks and scars on the skin. Another useful function of Rosewood oil is the relaxation of dry and dull skin. The anti-aging oil also keeps the skin young, healthy and tight because it removes acne and wrinkles.

Grape Seed Oil

It has antioxidant properties that aid in fighting free radicals. There are elements such as flavonoids in this product that aid in repairing skin that has been damaged by free radicals. The oil is very effective for use in reducing wrinkles around the eyes. This type of oil is rich in vitamin E that slows down aging process. The importance of vitamin E cannot be underestimated bearing in mind that as one grows older, less antioxidant and a lot of free radicals are produced.

Frankincense Oil

It is an exceptional essential oil that is rich in aromatic scent. This helps in calming down emotional state and the overall sense of well being. The oil is cryphylactic in nature, meaning that it encourages growth of new cells and offers protection to existing cells. Frankincense Oil helps in reducing wrinkles and tightening of loose sagging skin because of its anti aging properties. As natural oil, Frankincense reduces dry and chapped skin by removing stretch marks and scars. The most effective and efficient way to apply this product is to dilute it in a 2 percent ointment or oil carrier before use. The use of this anti aging skin care product is important in tightening loose skin under the eye. Frankincense also restores skin elasticity and reduces eye wrinkles.

Neroli Oil

This skin care product is extracted from flowers of an orange tree and to be more specific its flower petals. The product is ideal for use in tightening sagging skin and smoothening mature skin. When used regularly, Neroli wipes out wrinkles from the face, hence improving dry looking skin around the eye. The oil contains a natural chemical called citral that stimulates growth of new skin. This oil also has moisturizing properties that tighten the skin around the eye and the neck. These properties are also useful in improving skin elasticity. Neroli prevents formation of ugly scar tissue on the skin which is important in repairing broken capillaries and fighting stretch marks. During application, you should add two drops of this essential oil to any carrier oil or essential to the skin area around the eye. The oil is supposed to be used with a carrier oil or facial cream for better anti-aging results. This product is important in getting rid of large skin pores. It also reduces sebum production because of its antiseptic properties. The use of Neroli Oil helps in the shrinking of pores without much drying of the facial skin hence boosting its health.


This oil has a been used for a while as a skin care cosmetic because it is used to improve oily, dry or even sensitive skin. The product has health properties that improve skin elasticity and blood circulation within the skin around the eye. When applied alongside massage oil, Geranium tightens sagging skin through moisture retention on the skin. Botanical is another ingredient that can be added to Geranium t boost its ability to moisturize the skin.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is an essential oil with antioxidants that aid in reversing skin aging signs such as skin discoloration and wrinkles. The antioxidants offer the skin maximum natural protection against free radicals that are likely to bring damage to its cells. The product has very important ingredients that remove wrinkles and lines on the face and around the eye. This anti-aging product works better when used alongside skin moisturizers. It also helps to reduce production of excess amounts of sebum. Clary sage also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help in tightening skin pores hence making them tighter and firmer. This oil has female hormones within its structure that are used in wrinkle removal especially in women. However, pregnant women are advised to keep away from the use of Clary Sage until they give birth.

Brain Supplements- Real or Not?

There are several supplements in the market that claim to improve or even enhance normal brain functions. While it is true that some of the claims are exaggerated, there is sufficient clinical evidence to indicate that some of the claims are nonetheless valid.
Below is a brief description of some of supplements with proven benefit to brain functions:

1. Omega 3 fatty acids
Omega 3 proteins play a vital role in boosting normal brain functions and promoting a healthy nervous system. The best known omega 3 fatty acids are Docosahexanoic acid(DHA) and Eicosapentanoic acid(EPA). Over 2.8 billion people on the planet suffer from ADH/EPA deficiency with the majority being people whose diets are devoid of fatty fish . Fatty fish such as salmon, cod, krill and tilapia are the best sources of these essential omega 3 fatty acids. DHA and EPA are also present in lower quantities in some seed oils which include linseed oil, soy bean oil, flax seed oil and chia seed oil. DHA and EPA have been proven to be effective in the following ways:-
• Reducing memory loss
• Alleviating the symptoms of depression
• Regulating mood swings
• Reducing the risk and alleviating symptoms of cardiovascular disease
• Lowering the risk or developing dementia and alzheimers in old age
• Reducing Attention Deficit Disorder in children aged between 6-12 years.

The recommended daily intake of DHA and EPA is 500mg. Fatty fish and seed oils only supply half the daily intake. This is why is vital to supplement meals with nutritional supplements. The nutritional supplements are available in capsules usually containing krill or cod-liver oil.

A study has revealed that people taking daily ADH/EPA supplements were 47% less likely to develop dementia in old age. They were also 39% less likely to develop alzheimers. Daily ADH/EPA intake lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular complications by 53%. The benefits of improved brain function have been attributed to improved blood circulation and nutrient flow to the brain.

2. Vitamin D
This vitamin is the most bountiful in that the melanin in skin cells can synthesize the vitamin when exposed to sunlight. However, take this only with early morning and late evening sunshine. Vitamin D offers the following benefits:-
• It alleviates symptoms of depression
• Reduces memory loss
• It enhances problem solving ability
• It lowers the risk developing cancer
• It lower the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease
Increased brain functions are due to improved blood circulation and nutrient supply to brain. Despite Vitamin D being so readily available, over 1 billion people world-wide has this deficiency. This is probably due to people not knowing how a morning jog in the sun can boost both brain and body.

3. Vitamin B12
The corrective name given to symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency is brain fog. The symptoms include the following:-
• poor memory
• Low problem solving ability
• Reduced attention span
• Apathy
Those at the greatest risk of developing vitamin B12 are people with a diet devoid of red meat. All types of red meat are good sources of this vitamin. However due to the increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases with a red meat rich diet, the intake of vitamin B12 should be in the form of supplements. A popular example is the Super Co-enzyme B-complex vitamin supplement taken after meals.

4. Anthocyanins
The human brain uses 20% of all the oxygen present in the blood. However, due to this increased oxygen intake, the brain is the most susceptible organ to free radical damage. Free radicals are formed when a molecule of oxygen is broken down to two free unstable oxygen atoms during respiration. The unstable free oxygen atoms that are not immediately used up become free radicals. These free radicals start forming complexes with compounds present in the brain cell plasma and cell tissue. Extensive damage to brain cell tissue eventually leads to brain cell death. This ability of oxygen to form unstable free radicals is solely responsible for brain degeneration.

5. Alpha Brain

Then there are companies like alpha brain (click here to read a great alpha brain review) which combine all of these sort of natural ingredients into a “nootropic” supplement. They work by giving off their individual benefits, but when combined have an even better effect.

Fortunately nature solved this problem of free radicals by inventing anti-oxidants. Anthocyanins are one of nature’s best antioxidants. Anthocyanins combine with free radicals to form compounds that are harmless to cell tissue. They are found in all fruits, vegetables and in especially large quantities in berries. These berries include tomatoes, raspberries, blueberries and even guavas. Anthocyanins are therefore vital for a healthy brain. They are know to make one’s brain to be efficient and improve the thinking ability.